Minor damage, no injuries in dump truck crash

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By Damon Lawrence

A Roane County Road Department employee wrecked a county dump truck on April 24.

Road Superintendent Dennis Ferguson said the truck was hauling dirt.

“It just turned over in a yard,” he said.

The accident happened at 8:35 a.m. in the 1300 block of James Ferry Road. Kingston Police Department Lt. Caleb Strayer investigated the crash.

Strayer said the vehicle was on its left side when he arrived on the scene.

According to his report, the dump truck driver was road department employee Christopher Beeson.

“Driver Mr. Beeson stated that he was traveling east on James Ferry Road and a red vehicle came around the road in his lane causing him to drive off right side of roadway,” the report said.

“Driver stated that during event attempting to return to roadway, truck turn onto its left side.”

No injuries were reported.

“Driver of truck was alert and stated that he was unharmed for crash,” the report said.

The “red vehicle” was not located.

“Driver was unable to give officer any detailed information to help identify red car,” the report said.

E-911 records said Roane County Deputy Road Superintendent Tony Brown called Turpins wrecker service to tow the dump truck. Strayer’s report also said Brown, a member of Kingston City Council, took photos at the scene.

Ferguson said he wasn’t sure how much damage was done to the truck, but indicated it wasn’t much. The vehicle was insured.

“It hurt one of the mirrors on one side and just the top,” Ferguson said.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol wasn’t dispatched to the accident.

“We typically do handle either a county- or city-agency-involved crash, but it looks like in this case the city may have actually worked it for the county,” Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Bill Miller said.

Ferguson said he wasn’t sure why the city police responded and not the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

“There was no one hit or nothing like that,” he said. “It turned over in somebody’s yard and spilled the dirt.”

According to road department records, the 28-year-old Beeson is a laborer and has a $18,720 salary.