Missed candidate forum, but had work obligations

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I want to apologize for not being able to attend the “Meet the Candidates” at Killefer Park on May 15.
I unfortunately had obligations at work that I had to attend to.
I am part of the working class, which I am sure that most of Harriman can relate with. However, just because I had obligations at work, I don’t want the people of Harriman to think that I don’t care.
I have a plan for Harriman that I want the people of Harriman to be aware of before the main election, which is June 7.
I live in Harriman and I grew up here. I am seeking a seat on Harriman’s City Council because I feel it is time that the people have a say in how things are done where they pay taxes.
Many of us feel we have not had a voice heard in regard to the Princess Theater deal.
I strongly feel that we, the people, should have had a vote on how the TVA money was to be used.
My goals for Harriman:
• It is time that we look into more activities for the children.
I would like to pursue the closing or, preferably, sale of the Emory Golf Club and use the $200,000 budgeted to run the course to build a splash pad or a pool for summer activities.
• If elected, I would like to work with the mayor and council to look over the budget.
We need to find wasteful spending and take that money and pave the roads, build a boat ramp at Riverfront Park that is comparable to the one in Kingston at Ladd Landing and repair our crumbling sidewalks.
•Downtown Harriman needs a lot of work. A key goal is to clean up Roane Street.
• Budget cuts are definitely needed for Harriman to get back on its feet. This will mean all department heads need a pay cut.
The building/codes officer needs to be a part-time job; if not, it needs to be more directed toward cleaning up Harriman, in general.
• HUB rates are too high and workers are overpaid. It’s going to be hard to get any business or factories to relocate here with rates the way they are. HUB needs to recalculate its budget and lower sewer rates.
Cuts are definitely needed in the salaries at HUB for department heads and for the wealth to be redistributed to the workers in other areas in Harriman who do the same jobs.
• I would like to be the first city in this area to offer free or low-cost broadband Internet to the citizens of Harriman.
Blake Kirkland