Misspelled sign photo troublesome for Tea Party

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A couple weeks or so ago, the Roane County News chose to print a picture of a Tea Party member holding a sign with the word “Impeach,” as in “Impeach Obama” — except the sign was spelled wrong.
Since the photographer took many more pictures of Roane County Tea Party members holding the signs, why was the only one that was misspelled make it into the paper?
The girls who made the signs ran out of room for all of the letters only on that one sign.
The man who was holding the sign didn’t notice that it was spelled wrong since he was just told to get a sign out of someone else’s car.
When the photographer showed up to take pictures of the protest, she was asked not to print that one picture because the man had gotten the wrong sign.
One of the Tea Party board members told me the photographer said she would not print that particular picture, but that was the only one of all the shots she took that ended up in the paper.
Why was that?
I talked with the editor, since the picture had to have been embarrassing for the man holding it and to all of us in the Tea Party. It was dirty of someone to use that picture out of all the ones where the word was spelled correctly.
I’ve heard that the Roane County News has a liberal bias, but I didn’t know for sure.
But after this and a few other things in the past, it has been proven to me that they (or someone) is biased against — in this instance — the Tea Party.
The editor said she was on vacation that week, so she didn’t make the decision to print it.
The photographer was asked at another gathering involving Tea Party members why she chose that picture to print. She said she didn’t make the decision to print it.
So who is the liberal-biased person at the newspaper who chose to embarrass the Roane County Tea Party?
We’re all from Roane County and the Tea Party is only trying to make a better place to live and hold those in government accountable for their decisions.
In this case, I would have thought the Roane County News would have made a better choice than this.
Gloria Wilson

Editor’s note: It is not the photographer but the page designer who chooses which photos are used on a page.