Mom denies she held 10-year-old boy for her son to beat

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By Damon Lawrence

The Rockwood woman accused of holding a 10-year-old boy so her son could hit him insists she’s innocent.

“I didn’t touch that kid,” Latoya Brown said.

Brown, 33, is charged with assault in the incident that occurred at Courtney Square Apartments in Rockwood on March 20.

According to a police report, Rene T. Lee said she observed Brown push her 10-year-old son down as he was parking his bike.

The report said another woman, Tiffany Laxton, told police, “she did observe Latoya Brown push Dominic down and then grab him by the shirt and hold him so Latoya Brown’s son could hit him.”

“Tiffany couldn’t have saw anything, because she never came outside until me and Rene was about to get into a fight,” Brown said.

She vehemently denied all the allegations during an interview with the Roane County News.

“The good Lord knows none of that is true,” she said.

Brown said her son and the alleged victim got into an altercation, and she intervened.  

“That kid touched my son,” she said. “Me and my sister ran down there to break it up. I didn’t touch that kid, and neither did my son.”

The case, originally scheduled to be heard in Roane County General Sessions Court on April 8, has been continued until June 17.

“I’m ready for my court date, so I can prove I didn’t do anything,” Brown said. “I hope they show up.”

Brown has another assault charge pending in a separate case. Alice McGowan filed a complaint in General Sessions Court, alleging Brown hit her in the face on March 14.

“Latoya approached me three times, pushing me and putting her body on me,” the complaint said.

“The third time she approached me, she hit me in the face.”

A hearing in that case is scheduled for Oct. 7.