Mom held kid for son to hit

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Rockwood woman initially denied reports, but pleaded guilty this week

By Damon Lawrence

Latoya Brown pleaded guilty to assault in Roane County General Sessions Court on Monday.
“It’s (expletive),” Brown said after she left the courtroom.

Rockwood police charged Brown with assault in March. According to the police report, Rene T. Lee said she observed Brown push Lee’s 10-year-old son down as he was parking his bike.
The report said another woman, Tiffany Laxton, told police, she also saw Brown push the boy down and then grab him by the shirt and hold him so Brown’s son could hit him.
Brown, 34, steadfastly denied those allegations during an interview in April.
She even continued to profess her innocence after she pleaded guilty.
“I did not touch that kid and my son did not touch that kid,” she said. “Nobody is going to make me change my story because that’s the truth.”
When asked why she pleaded guilty to the charge if she was innocent, Brown said she felt it was in her best interest. 
“It could have got bound over to criminal court, and then I’d have more court costs, more court dates,” she said. “I can’t do that, so I just went ahead and took it.”
Brown agreed to pay a $50 fine and $516 in court costs.
“If you don’t get it paid in 90 days, I’m going to put you on supervised probation,” Judge Jeff Wicks said.
Brown must also have no contact with Rene Lee and her son.