More charges against man who invaded Bowers school

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This time, trouble is at drug store

By Damon Lawrence

A man who got in trouble for barging into an elementary school has more legal trouble.

Jim Estes has been charged with public intoxication after a June 6 incident when he allegedly tred to pick up narcotics on a forged prescription.

“The male subject was advised by (Walgreens) staff that he was not to return to the store and was banned from the property,” Harriman officer Michael W. Cox said in an arrest warrant.

Cox said Estes had slurred speech and stumbled and “almost fell three times.”

Cox charged Estes, 47, with public intoxication.

Last November Estes was charged with criminal contempt for allegedly violating an order of protection.

Estes was at Bowers Elementary School trying to make contact with his son, a student at the school, with whom he was not supposed to have contact.  

Estes was also charged with violating an order of protection in January.
According to the report, the son was sitting on the floor in the school’s lunchroom when Estes arrived wearing a rifle T-shirt and confronted Principal Candace Lett.

The report said Estes left when Assistant Principal Kevin Ayers showed up.