More to come on greenway

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City keeping amenity ‘laundry list’

By Mike Gibson

The gates are open and the ribbons are cut.

So what’s next for the Ladd Greenway?

We’ll know soon, after Kingston City Manager David Bolling gets word back from Tennessee Department of Transportation.

But there are plans aplenty, for both the short term and the long haul, as local officials seek to make the greenway a fully realized, full-service park.

About $300,000 is left over from the project’s construction, although a good deal of that will have to go toward further development, possibly of the still uncertain D section (the greenway thus far comprises three sections: A, B, and C.)

Still, some amenities must be added in the meantime, and others may be added later. Bolling mentioned necessities such as rest rooms, as well as benches, bike racks, exercise stations, lights, signs, water fountains and extra parking.

But since the money currently in question is state funding, any possible amenities need the state’s OK first. “Some things are allowable with grant funding; some aren’t,” Bolling said. “We’re trying to get a clearer picture. We can hopefully get a few things in place, make it a little more user-friendly by the spring.”

Bolling said he believes most of the things the city will want to add will pass TDOT scrutiny.

Should any needs not make the cut, or should funding fall short of any particular needs, he said the city may consider adding some amenities itself at another time.

“We’ll have a laundry list,” he said. “And there may be a few things at some point we’ll do ourselves, but we feel most of it they’re going to be OK with.”