More gun control? Now not the time

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Washington is ablaze regarding gun control legislation. The president and vice president have a legislative package they want to push through.

Dianne Feinstein wants the assault weapons ban renewed. In my opinion, this is not the time for sweeping change.

There are many who might support better background checks, smaller clips, mental health checks or something.

However, new legislation will have little popularity with this president leading the charge.

I think many Americans simply don’t trust President Obama or this Congress. They believe that the president ultimately wants to take guns away.

We can argue that this lack of trust is unfounded or not. However, it is real.

He may have spent that trust with bailouts, wasted stimulus spending, over-reaching health care laws, record debt, growing government dependency, Solyndra, Benghazi and a weak foreign policy.

Some Americans fear a complete economic breakdown, riots, martial law, as a result of staggering debt and out of control spending. This is not the time to try to restrict gun ownership.

The president and Congress may exploit Newtown for political gain.They never let a crisis go to waste.

They will propose things that will do little to curtail violence yet will curtail freedoms.

If Congress passes President Obama’s or Feinstein’s proposed legislation on gun control using political favors, backroom deals, and hidden language like they did Obamacare, America may not sit quiet again.

Americans are not likely to sit by and watch bad provision after bad provision slither out of thousands of pages of gun-control legislation.

I think hidden provisions will likely erode our Second Amendment freedoms and may reach well into other parts our lives.

Call this fear of the government overreach unfounded if you like, but it has recent precedent in Obama-care.

If you doubt that people are fearful, look at sky rocketing gun sales since Newtown. Tens of thousands of folks are buying their first firearm right now. The country is already deeply divided on so many issues. This issue is a powder keg. Congress best be careful how far it pushes.

While Washington thrashes and wrangles with these issues, meaningful work is being quietly done all over America.

Local work may be getting to the problem and finding real solutions to gun violence.

It is the work of free Americans doing what free Americans do best ... solving problems.

School boards, city councils, county commissions, teachers and parents are looking for real solutions and implementing common-sense changes.

Some local governments are better guarding their schools.

Some may allow school officials to arm themselves; some will install better security equipment.

Teachers will better watch for signs of troubled students. Mental-health providers will look for and report danger signs.

Many parents are now looking at their teenagers for signs of depression, anger or violent behavior.
In light of recent tragedies, most parents are likely better controlling access to guns in the home.

Violent videogame sales may also decline.

Businesses are looking for better security measures.

The danger of federal legislation is that folks will only feel safer and do nothing to truly prevent another Newtown.

The federal government best leave solutions to the local level for right now.

Chuck Smith
Ten Mile