Mullins falsely accused in jail construction issue

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I recently was made aware of and read the April 30 edition of your newspaper, where the headlines read “Mullins suing county.”
I was the project manager in charge of the day-to-day operations at the Roane County Detention Center and was employed in that capacity by Roane County government.
I feel it is my duty after reading this article to come forward as I have done many times officially and in depositions, to inform the citizens of Roane County that at no time during this project did Brian Mullins do anything wrong on this site.
The fact is that there were several mistakes made in pre design and design that were identified by Mr. Mullins.
Most of the remedies were formulated in the field by Mr. Mullins and sent to the civil engineer who after several attempts at redesign accepted the solution provided by him weeks earlier.
These errors caused delays that were of no fault of Mr. Mullins or his company.
The lawsuit in question was started after an issue with the Geogrid material underneath the building footprint was placed on an elevation that was different than was shown on the plans.
The decision to change the elevation was discussed previously with the engineers in charge, who gave their approval.
Even though Mr. Mullins installed the Geogrid at an elevation that was inconsistent with the plans, he followed a directive given by me that had prior approval from the civil and soil engineers.
It has been almost four years, and Brian Mullins has still not been compensated for work and materials he provided for this project.
I believe he is justified in his lawsuit, requests for payments and any other compensation for damages he has suffered after being falsely accused in this matter.
George G. Myers
Morganton, N.C.