Mural artist brings color to life

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By Dwane Wilder

Art has been a lifelong passion for Elaine Shumaker, though she didn’t always realize it.


Shumaker, a Florida native, moved to Rockwood earlier this year to continue her dream of a owning an art and design business. She specializes in murals, faux finishes and visual illusion.

After beginning her career as a children’s wear designer for eight years, Shumaker went back to college to become a dental hygienist. She spent the next two decades working with a tooth brush instead of a paint brush.

Then she got the creative urge again and opened a design studio in Tampa.

“My first job was very high pressure and I just got burned out,” said Shumaker.

“I don’t know how I went from being an artist to a dental hygienist. I enjoyed doing that for a time, but I got bored with that and decided to go back into art and start my own business.

“It’s my passion.”

Shumaker first came to Roane County four years ago with her husband Ed, a Michigan native who grew fond of Tennessee when he was district manager for the Red Food supermarket chain in Chattanooga during the early ‘90s.

“I spent three years here and loved Tennessee. I always wanted to come back,” said Ed.

“The seasons are always beautiful, and the people are just so friendly. When Elaine came up here, she just fell in love with the scenery, as well.”

After shuttling back and forth between their home in Tennessee and their family in Tampa, the couple permanently settled into their Rockwood home this summer.

Elaine said her design business took off after she did some murals for a children’s furniture store in Tampa.

Along with her interior and exterior design work, she also restores furniture.

“I like to see the reaction of people when I’m finished with whatever I’m doing for them.”

“I have some diversity, so I never get bored.”