Must we battle needlessly over legislation?

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Ann Coulter, the Tea Party favorite and political author/commentator, is back on the talk show circuit with a new book.

She revealed that she loved the way the Republicans in the House stood their ground.

But I will remind her that so did Col. George Custer at the battle of the Little Big Horn.

How bravely they stood against logic, reason and the political polls.

The cost was exceedingly high, and many scalps were taken.

Yes, there will undoubtedly be payback, but for now, Republican blood is shed.

But wait — what is that I hear in the distance?

Yes, here comes Panamanian Major John McCain and his band of empty-eyed ghost followers to the rescue.

The sound of thundering hooves on the dry prairie and their battle cry, “Remember the Rollout!” echo in the hot summer air.

But again, it’s too little and too late, time now only for burial details, interminable committee hearings and the inevitable political posturing.

Meanwhile, Canadian Gen. Ted Cruz has retreated to an obscure place called Texas and taken defensive positions near San Antonio in an old mission known as The Alamo.

Over the ramparts pennants fly bearing the logo, “Stop the Train Wreck” and “Obamacare is Destroying America.”

In the Bluegrass State, the opportunistic Libertarian son-of-Ron remains in hiding, occasionally venturing into the limelight to prognosticate and reveal his latest vision for the country to his waiting minions.

I realize democracy is sometimes ugly, but do we really need an Alamo and Little Big Horn for every bill that is introduced, every law that is passed?

Call me a dreamer, but I believe all is not yet lost, and legislators of good will can still find common ground — albeit sometimes soaked in their own blood.

B.J. Gillum