New county executive's first act boneheaded

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With his first decision, we have learned about the new County Executive Ron Woody’s management style: “The whippings will continue until morale improves.”
Mr. Woody announced that he would reduce the pay of Roane County’s director and assistant director of one of the best, if not the best, emergency management organizations in Tennessee.
With the money saved (equivalent to a part-time hamburger flipper at a fast-food chain) Mr. Woody plans to hire new part-time “leadership and direction” to oversee the excellent organization that we already have.
This should certainly improve morale, right?
Good leadership, equipment and training are essential for saving lives and preventing further injury in emergency events.
Emergency Management Director Howie Rose and Assistant Director Scott Stout have clearly demonstrated their outstanding proficiency.
Woody’s boneheaded management decision can undermine Roane County’s ability to retain its superb emergency assets and to maintain the safety of its residents.
Perhaps, reducing Mr. Woody’s salary will allow us to hire a part-time management trainer until Mr. Woody’s management skills improve or until the voters replace him — whichever comes first.
John Andriulli