New issues emerge in Pinnacle Pointe standoff

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By The Staff



After a meeting between attorneys and accountants, Harriman officials and Pinnacle Pointe developers are still at odds over a $234,685 payment the state says the developers owe the city.

Harriman City Attorney Harold Balcom told council that he, along with Harriman Treasurer Charles Kerley, met with developers and their attorneys last week.

"Their position hasn't changed and neither has ours," Balcom said.

Harriman began looking to the developers for reimbursement not long after a state investigative audit last spring said the city had put more than $234,000 into private development.

At issue with the state is the legal scope of the work.

The city is allowed to put some money into infrastructure to support the site, but not into other areas of the development that auditors said moeny was spent on.

Balcom said that during the recent meeting between the conflicting sides, the developers said they were going to give the city a list of contractors who can run a computer model to tell officials how much dirt was needed to be moved and a cost breakdown of that work.

Balcom said he and Kerley will be looking for someone to take this project on. The number of area companies that can do this are limited, he said.

Kerley said another issue between the two sides is the process of ensuring the roadways are owned by the city.

The city wants to be able to extend them, if neceesary, to future developments.

Balcom said the developers have said they will not transfer the roads until the conflict is resolved.