New line to boost power in Kingston

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By The Staff

From staff reports

TVA is building 1.2 miles of new transmission line to provide power to Rockwood Electric Utility’s Kingston substation.

TVA said the substation is being upgraded from 69 kilovolts to 161 kilovolts.

The upgrade is essential, according to TVA officials, because of age and condition issues at the substation.

“The 46-year-old equipment will require major overhaul and/or maintenance regularly to maintain reliable service,” TVA said in a posting about the project on its website. “The area is also experiencing reliability and voltage issues. If this equipment fails, Rockwood EU would not be able to provide electrical service to the area.”

TVA officials also said more capacity is needed because of expected growth in the area.     

“We did a power supply study a few years ago and looked at the power supply and decided we were going to upgrade this one and improve the transmission lines,” REU General Manager Kendall Bear said.

The line stretches above Interstate 40 at the 354 mile marker. TVA said the majority of the line will parallel a 200-foot right-of-way that holds a 500-kV line and a 69-kV line. TVA said the 69-kV line will be removed once the 161-kV line and substation are operational.