New school officials will do well

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I offer my congratulations to Drack Langley and Danny Wright to represent Harriman on the Roane County school board.

While I wanted to run for this seat, the ebbs and tides of my profession forced me to believe I could not devote my full time to the position.But, my passsion and love for the local schools does and will always remain.

I am so pleased the board picked a “home” candidate to be the new director. I have no doubt he will  do a good job in difficult times.

I also want to make sure Franklin Mee gets his just due for all the hard work and dedication he gave to the students of Harriman. I do not want to downplay the winners, I just know of Frank’s love and dedication for the students in Harriman.

While we were on the Harriman City board together, we did not agree a lot.

But I never doubted he was just doing what he felt what was right for the children of Harriman.

I hope the new Roane County school board recognizes his work and efforts in some eventful way.

Knowing Frank, a lifetime pass to all Harriman athletic events would be the highest honor he could receive.

It is sad such a true, long-serving advocate for the children of Harriman will no longer be on the board. However, I know Frank.

And he may not have a vote on the board, but he will always be on board when it comes to making sure the children of Harriman have the best education possible.

Brian Graves