A nightmare – or an epiphany? You make the call

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Politics, politics, politics! Sound like a line from a movie entitled History of the World, Part Two?
The political tides seem to ebb and flow without end and each wave of those demanding change seems higher and closer to the last wave.
TV commentators suggest the American people are restive, unsatisfied with the slow pace of job growth and the level of income tax imposed on our investor class. Perhaps we should take a closer look at what the waves have just washed up on our shores.
John Boehner looms in the foreground as if riding the crest of a wave of chanting supporters determined to relieve the super wealthy of their unfairly high federal tax burden.
Removing these “unfair Democrat” taxes (which haven’t been required of them for many years) will unleash a flood of job creation, he says.
He insists that caches of money have been hoarded and waiting to be used by billionaires to create American jobs by the millions. Foreign investors will rush in, creating a job market so large it will require easing our immigration restrictions. America will hum with manufacturing and servicing jobs — another Republican utopia!
The super-rich entrepreneurial class will have no choice but to go off-shore with their excess cash to provide ego-boosting aid to the poorest of nations (except Haiti, of course).
Our dependent poor will continue to eat starchy diets and have no exercise — burdening our collapsing and cash-starved medical facilities.
Walmart’s aisles, though wider, will be choked with electric people-moving vehicles with their bored shoppers racing for large flat screens, sugary treats and XXX-large sizes — all necessary for a successful sedentary life.
And then will come the next wave of Republican wars, stock market heavings and investor fraud on a grand scale!
When I awoke from this nightmare, covered with perspiration and with an old heart that thumped mightily in my chest, I realized the real possibility that I had not a nightmare but an epiphany — I always wanted one of those.
I didn’t know Walmart had them!
B.J. Gillum