Nine receive karate promotion

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At a promotion ceremony recently held at the Roane School of Isshin-ryu Karate in Harriman, a combination of nine instructors and students received promotion certificates from grand master Tommy True.

“In my forty-seven years of teaching, promotions are one of my favorite aspects of Karate,” True said. “Promotions are like grades in school or salary raises in the workplace – they reward performance. Each and every one of these students has earned these elevations in rank. For the Kyu ranks (white through brown) this means months and months of hard work.  For the Black Belt promotions this means years of study and training between each degree. 

“We don’t promote students quickly at our school because the one element you just can’t take out of becoming proficient in self defense – is time.  I’ve seen it done before, and too often it creates a false sense of security that will just get a person needlessly hurt.” 

Promotions included: two, new First Degree Black Belts, one Fifth Degree Black Belt, three Fourth Degree Black Belts, two Brown Belts, and one Green Belt. 

  “These are some of the hardest working, teachable students I’ve ever had, and some of the finest Instructors it’s been my pleasure to train. They are a credit to our school, and I’m proud of what they have each accomplished,” True said.