No apologies owed to Pakistan for shooting back

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I was very sad to hear a college professor say that we shouldn’t send care-packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, because they were “killers.”

While I respect his right to free speech I totally disagree with what he said!

Many of the brave men and women serving there are reservists and national guardsmen who would prefer to be at home with their families.

How can you blame them for a war that they didn’t start? A wise man from this man’s school said it was like blaming a fireman for a fire. As for being killers, I hope so. I’d like to think that I would be a killer too, if I was in their situation.

Let’s look back at the last war we actually won: World War II. There was “unconditional” surrender; that’s how you know we won. They didn’t do it by coddling the enemy; they wiped out all resistance, house by house, block by block, town by town, all the way to Berlin.

Does any one really believe that no innocent people were killed? If you do, what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The Germans and the Japanese are our friends now.

We didn’t start rebuilding those countries until after the war was won.

I’d like to ask our government a question: Why are we apologizing to Pakistan for shooting back? After the issue with binLaden, they cannot tell me that some parts of their military are not giving aid and comfort to our enemies. The rules of engagement allow us to return fire when fired upon. What could there possibly be to investigate? If you shoot at our soldiers, they will shoot back! They should try the Barney Fife rule by only giving their men one bullet. Maybe then they would be less likely to shoot at our troops.

Fritz Stevens