No excuse for Paula Deen’s words, actions

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It is with fear and trepidation that I seek to express disagreement with one so intelligent and full of knowledge as the honorable gentleman from Lick Skillet.

It is extremely unsettling to realize that one such as he could be so wrong about so important a subject.

I speak of his article in which he excuses Paula Deen for her inexcusable words and actions. I point out that her sponsors who made money working with her would not have given up that money without more reason than a word spoken 30 years ago.

It was and is her attitude of total disregard for the 400 years of servitude imposed upon a people. It was and is for her belief she has the right to humiliate, make fun of, place in embarrassing situations, and use for her own benefit any person of color she chooses.

Ms. Deen is old enough and well traveled enough to know better, even if she chooses to not alter her own beliefs of superiority.

A plantation wedding with all black servants wasn’t just wrong; it was an insult to the descendants of those forced to live that life in reality.

Just a word spoken? No, hers is a life lived with the expectation of the right to speak and behave anyway she might choose.

Shame on you, Ms. Deen, and shame on those of you who excuse her lack of believing she has done anything for which she should say she is sorry.

Ferrell Winfree