No indictment against resident who shot pregnant wife in belly

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By The Staff



A Roane County grand jury declined to indict a man for shooting his pregnant wife in the stomach.

Justin Stone shot Jennifer Stone at their home on Poplar Springs Road on Sept 4.

Jennifer Stone was eight-months’ pregnant at the time. The couple’s unborn female offspring died.

Justin Stone maintained from the outset that the shooting was an accident. The case was presented to the grand jury earlier this week.

“It’s my understanding that they returned a no bill on that,” Assistant District Attorney General Frank Harvey said. 

Justin Stone told a 911 dispatcher that the shooting was an accident, according to a transcript of the call.

Roane County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Marcia Childs responded to the call.

Her report said that she spoke with Justin Stone at the scene, and “he stated he was cleaning his gun, and it accidentally went off.”