Nuts & Bolts Terri Likens Editor: Some change at the paper become official

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An explanation of how things work in the news business

I’ve written about some technological changes at the Roane County News, but this week, I have some people news to report.

Kevin Kile, who has been acting general manager for about six months, has been given the job officially. He has earned it – managing the staff through a difficult period while overseeing a major renovation and the installation of advanced technology.

Me, my duties have expanded, as well. I have been placed over news and general operations at Morgan County News, as well as here in Roane County. I also have some input on the news product at our sister newspaper the LaFollette Press in Campbell County.

We’re excited about moving forward here and at our other newspapers.
Putting out the Opinion page around election time gets tough.

On the one hand, we like to hear what people have to say on the issues.

On the other, we don’t have room for the plethora of candidate endorsements we get so we relegate them to paid advertising spots.

Then we get people who, while they might have good points, bury what they are trying to say in inflammatory rhetoric and unnecessarily divisive messages.

If the message is salvageable, I’ll try to edit out the most inflammatory language and leave the rest.

Things get even more comlicated if someone is writing in response to one of Gerald Largen’s View from Lick Skillet columns.

More than a decade ago, the former lawyer negotiated a deal with people no longer in this company that allowed him to write pretty much anything he wants — he just has to be liable for it.

I do give people a little more latitude when they are writing in direct response to one of Largen’s columns.
That just seems fair.

It is difficult, sometimes, to know where to draw the line, but we tend to get stricter the closer it gets to voting time.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.
Perhaps you are one of our customers who pick up the newspaper from a nearby rack. We appreciate your business.

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We hope to see more of you — and that you’ll see more of us.