Oak Ridge changing parking regs

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The city of Oak Ridge is distributing informational flyers to help inform residents and visitors about recent changes to two ordinances affecting on-street parking.

The city will issue violations for offenses beginning June 18.

During March and April, Oak Ridge City Council passed two ordinances contained in the City Code pertaining to on-street parking. The changes support initiatives approved last fall as part of the Not in Our City conceptual plan.

The purpose of addressing parking violations throughout the city is to provide adequate space for pedestrians to utilize the sidewalks and ensure the ability for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles to safely maneuver residential streets.

Specifically, the new requirements:

• Prohibit recreational vehicles and utility trailers from permanently parking in on-street parking spaces

• Provide exceptions for on-street parking of recreational vehicles and utility trailers for specified temporary purposes

• Provides clarifications to existing on-street parking requirements

• Add additional “prohibited parking places” to the on-street parking provisions

“The new ordinance provisions are needed to enhance public safety by keeping streets and sidewalks unobstructed,” said Oak Ridge City Manager Mark Watson.

“While the code amendments became effective last month, we want to allow additional time for staff to help educate the community on the new requirements,” he added. “It will take some time for citizens to adjust to the new rules, so we are going above and beyond what the letter of the law requires.”

The flyer, along with additional information, including photographs, is available in the “Featured Projects” section of the city’s website, www.oakridgetn.gov.

Call the Oak Ridge Police Department at 865-425-4399 for more information.