Oliver Springs teacher lands in trouble

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By Damon Lawrence

A mowing job has landed one Oliver Springs High School teacher in serious trouble.
Special education teacher Amelia E. Drennan is charged with felony reckless endangerment after police said she hired a man to mow at an address where meth labs were found.


Officials also say Drennan asked 24-year-old Adam E. Murray to enter the quarantined home and fetch some items for her.
“We deny any wrongdoing whatsoever,” defense attorney John McFarland said about the accusations.
After learning there was a warrant for her arrest, McFarland said, he arranged for Drennan to turn herself in at the Roane County Jail on Tuesday.
She’s since been released.
The arrest warrant is dated June 5, but the crime Drennan is accused of allegedly occurred on May 26.
Her address is listed as 116 Wheeler Lane, Oliver Springs.
The Roane County Sheriff’s Office said three active one-pot meth labs and 35 bottles used in previous one-pot meth labs were found at that home on May 21.
The home was placed under quarantine due to the danger of the chemicals used in meth making.
According to Drennan’s arrest warrant, two sheriff’s deputies encountered Murray when they responded to 116 Wheeler Lane on May 26 on a report that someone had entered the home. 
“Murray stated that Amelia E. Drennan had contacted him and even gave him a key to the residence, and Drennan asked Murray to mow the yard and then enter the residence and gather some belongings for her,” the warrant said.
Drennan is scheduled to appear in court on July 29. 
Roane County Director of Schools Gary Aytes said he plans to look into the matter in the next few weeks. He said Drennan is not on contract because school is out.
“She wouldn’t go back on contract until we start school in the fall,” he said.
Drennan’s husband, William Paul Drennan, was charged with criminal trespassing, evading arrest and  possession of drug paraphernalia on June 6.
He was still in custody at the Roane County Jail Thursday afternoon, according to the sheriff’s office website.
According to an arrest warrant, Deputy Tyrel Lorenz was dispatched to the home on June 6 on a report that William Paul Drennan was inside.
“Drennan was found inside the residence hiding under a set of stairs in the basement area,” the warrant said. “Drennan was aware that no one was supposed to occupy the residence as well. On a couch where Drennan stated he did hang out, was a glass pipe commonly used to smoke illegal narcotics.”
William Paul Drennan also faces a charge for alleged illegal possession of a firearm. That stems from the May 21 search of his home.