OUR OPINION: Disruptive time changes? Let’s put them to bed

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In Arizona, except for on one or two Indian reservations, the clocks never spring forward or fall back. They stay put all year.

We should envy those well-rested people, even if daybreak there looms before 5 a.m. at the height of summer.

Some people are calling for a change to our spring forward-fall back system, allowing the changes begin on Saturday, not Sunday, to give people an extra day to adjust

We have a more reasonable idea: We’re of the opinion these Draconian time changes should be done away with completely.

There’s too much scientific evidence they are unhealthy and unneccessarily disruptive. Accidents and heart attacks, for instance, typically increase after the time changes.

Changes to our circadian rhythms impair performance on the job and in school, harming productivity and learning.

Businesses and agencies who don’t like the one-time-all-year-long system can institute summer and winter hours of their choosing.

Just leave the rest of us alone to snooze in undisturbed peace.