OUR OPINION: Kingston solar farm is a sunny idea for the city

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Kingston city officials seem to have taken to heart some public relations advice that to counter the negative impact of the TVA ash spill, it should focus on rebranding itself as an environmentally sustainable community.

They have made a number of efforts to improve their energy footprint in city buildings, but now they are considering a broader plan.

The city is considering operating its own solar energy farm. The plan involves installing a collection of solar panels on city property on James Ferry Road.

The city would work in partnership with Energy Source Partners LLC, which would build the facility with no upfront costs to the city.

Then the city would operate the farm and sell the energy to TVA, giving 90 percent of the profits to Energy Surce until the facility is paid for.

After the facility is paid for, an estimated four years, Kingston would be able to keep 40 percent of the profits.

The plan, which is working elsewhere around the state, fits nicely in the city’s rebranding itself, and makes sense environmentally, as well.

This progressive outlook will serve the city and its residents well.