OUR OPINION: Who is minding the store in Rockwood?

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Anyone seeing the list of alleged purchases made by former Rockwood public works director Tom Pierce should be furious that he was able to misuse public money with so little oversight.

Eleven guns, ammo, women’s jeans, an online degree program, music, and not one, but two high-end digital cameras are among the personal items authorites said he purchased over a three-year period.

What is especially disheartening is that these purchases began happening in 2009. That’s less than 10 years after City Judge Howard Butler was accused of stealing $450,000 from the city and then killing himself as police closed in.

We would have hoped city officials would have learned from that tragic incident

Butler’s case involved a bank allowing him to cash checks with only one of two required signatures, while many of Pierce’s alleged purchase were made with a city credit card.

What city would hand out credit cards with so little oversight after an incident like the one involving Judge Butler?

In the midst of a budget crisis, Rockwood officials say they have taken away such city-issued cards, and now scrutinize purchases more carefully.

It’s hard to have faith, though.