Ousted Mioduski complains against Rockwood officials

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Please allow this letter as my official complaint against city of Rockwood officials, Jason Jolly, Pete Wright, James Nuchols, and Mayor Watts. These individuals voted to dismiss me of my duties without reason or justification.

When all four officials were asked why, they all said “no comment” and quickly left Rockwood City Hall building.

When I started in December 2012 until May 2014, I worked 60 hours per week, some weeks more than that. I never complained, nor did I bring that issue up to any of you. The reason I didn’t mention this is because I truly enjoyed this job.

I envisioned a long career as director and I am disappointed that this is not going to be the case.

For your information, below is a list of department accomplishments over the past 17 months:

• In 17 months as director, produced $110,000 in revenue to department.

• In 17 months as director, accumulated over 300 hours of comp time which saved the city payroll dollars.

• Cell phone documentation where I conducted numerous hours of city business after normal business hours.

• Worked with all city department heads to the best of my ability, never saying no and always doing my best to be helpful.

• Successfully interviewed, recommended, and hired a full-time mechanic and after eight months on job was promoted to lead mechanic in public works department.

• Successfully planned and executed youth (ages 7 and 8) regional baseball tournament in July 2013, which produced the city revenue of over $25,000 and a profit of $4,000.

• Successfully planned and executed over $220,000 of TVA Foundation funds directly to the parks and recreation department, including:

A) Floating boat docks and fishing pier, approx. $90,000.

B) Security cameras, approximately 20 cameras, approximately $40,000.

C) Procured and purchased compact tractor, approximately $28,000.

D) Participated in procurement of complex soccer field lights, approx. $60,000.

E) Swimming pool upgrades, approx. $32,000.

• Successfully planned and executed department budget with less than five full-time employees by utilizing approximately 15 seasonal part-time employees, which saved the city over $10,000 in retirement and benefit costs in 2014.

• Successfully planned and executed the following programs:

A) Senior citizen bingo, with a monthly attendance average of 25 citizens, including two months with over 50 citizens.

B) Veteran’s Day luncheon (with most veterans stating this was a first time event).

C) Successfully planned and executed an adult basketball league with numerous of positive responses.

• Successfully helped an 18-year-old Rockwood student get his first job at Walmart, and on numerous occasions provided transportation.

• Successfully developed youth baseball schedules for 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 that included youth from surrounding cities of Spring City, Harriman, and Kingston.

• Successfully planned and executed two opening ceremonies at complex. Note: Mayor Watts attended weekend activities at the complex less than five times during my tenure.

All the work above was completed and NEVER ONCE was I ever written up, reprimanded or suspended in any way by Mayor Watts.

Also, I never received one phone call (for the last six months of my employment) of any complaint from Councilman Jolly. Many times, I had to text Councilman Jolly to ask him how things were going because he wouldn’t answer my calls and he always said “everything is good” and “I have no issues.” Also, nothing was ever discussed at our monthly parks and recreation board meeting concerning my management style.

So I ask you, does this work performed above warrant dismissal?

My 20 years of work history and the work that’s been completed over the last 17 months proves that I am very capable of fulfilling this position and providing the results the city can be proud of.

These accomplishments weren’t easy. There were a lot of stressful days and nights with this job, especially the time that was taken away from my family.

But one thing is true — I loved this job.

If the citizens of Rockwood didn’t see that I truly wanted to be here, you can’t blame me for that, because my results speak for themselves.

Lastly, I say to Watts, Jolly, Wright, and Nuchols that over the past 17 months my staff and I worked very hard for this city. We produced a lot of revenue for the department, we got things accomplished, and most of all, we had a pretty good time doing it. It would have been nice to work for a mayor and council who appreciated our efforts, at least an occasional thank you would have been nice. Whose management style needs some improvement?

But what do they care? They just proved to everyone, you can dismiss someone for no reason at all, regardless of performance.

Not one person I mentioned above, asked me or requested me to provide any information before their vote at the city council meeting.

Jody W. Mioduski