Perhaps voting should only be done by informed

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Dear editor — you (and most others?) seem to have taken it for granted that everyone should vote, regardless of his or her readily demonstrable state of awareness or ignorance about the most basic subjects, issues or candidates.
I believe we should all question the wisdom and effectiveness of that belief or advice.
For example, is it just possible that a person who has never learned how to reason with numbers (basic math) or has ever been taught what a budget is, or what the current issues or choices are should do himself or herself a favor and stay out of the voting booth?
After all, we complain a lot about our government leaders, but who voted them into office? Are we just getting the government that we deserve?
By the way, how effective has our society (homes, schools, media) been in teaching kids (or adults) the above?
And did the Founding Fathers even intend to found a “direct” democracy?
No — I am not ready to propose that we disqualify such demonstrably ignorant or disinterested folks from voting. But I am suggesting that you consider these questions.
John Shacter