Perma-Fix awards five scholarships

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The second annual Perma-Fix Career Day Scholarships have been awarded to a graduate from each of the five Roane County high schools.


The students receiving the $250 scholarships applied for them during their junior year while participating in the Roane County Chamber of Commerce-sponsored High School Career Day.

“We want to encourage and help students to continue their education after high school,” said Kenyon Mee, facility manager for Diversified Scientific Services Inc., a subsidiary of Perma-Fix Environmental Services in Kingston.

“To have a chance of winning the scholarship, a student at the career day has to visit the Perma-Fix table and complete an entry form,” Mee continued. “They must indicate on the entry form that they plan to seek postsecondary education by attending college, a technical center or taking workforce training courses.”

The five graduating students receiving the Perma-Fix Scholarships this year are Tamara Branson, Midway High; Tiffany Fink, Harriman High; Brenda Henry, Rockwood High; Rashanda Pankey, Roane County High and Kristen Phillips, Oliver Springs High.

They all attended the Chamber’s 2011 Career Day.

“We have another five seniors who will receive Perma-Fix Scholarships next year as a result of their participation in this year’s career day,” Mee said. “The names will be announced next year when the students are graduating.”

Each year, more than 500 Roane County juniors attend the Chamber’s Career Day.

“Companies like Perma-Fix support the career fair because they know how important it is for students to continue their education after high school,” said Allen Lutz, education and workforce development specialist for The Roane Alliance.

“Our graduating students need additional education and skills necessary for them to be employable and competitive in the global economy,” Lutz added. “Either a two- or four-year college degree, or vocational training that earns a marketable skill or certification is needed in today's labor market.”

The career fair is possible because of the combined support of The Roane Alliance, Roane County Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, Roane County Schools, Roane State Community College, the Tennessee Technology Center at Harriman, the many businesses that participate and Innovation Valley Inc., which provides funding for the career fair and The Alliance’s Education Matters! Initiative.

 The Chamber is a partner in The Roane Alliance — Roane County's economic development organization.

The partners who operate under The Alliance umbrella along with the Chamber include the Industrial Development Board and Visitors Bureau.