Phew! There’s so much to do around here

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By Johnny Teglas

Time was my son would breeze through his weekend high school homework and then complain.
You know the drill … “There’s nothing to do around here. I’m bored!”
We assured him life would change when he headed off to the Big University.
And so it has.
Nowadays, he doesn’t exactly breeze through the weekend assignments.
Rather, he schedules and hosts study groups around his responsibilities with the football team.
Sometimes, those sessions last late into Sunday evenings; especially if he’s accompanied the Hokies on flights or bus rides to and from one of the many Atlantic Coast Conference venues he’s been blessed to work the sidelines.
Anymore, when we talk to him on Sundays, there’s not an ounce of boredom in his voice.
Weariness, yes. Boredom, absolutely not.
Let’s just say Jon Clark wasn’t bored last weekend.
Virginia Tech had a key ACC road trip to Raleigh, N.C., to take on the undefeated North Carolina State Wolfpack.
For the first 30 minutes of the game, it appeared the ’Pack was going to go to 5-0 and the Hokies were going to slip to 2-3.
Then something changed.
Someone flipped on a switch. And Virginia Tech stormed back from a 17-point deficit to pick up an 11-point win.
That’s about how Jon Clark described the second half.
Ditto for the bus ride home.
“Phew” is how I described Saturday as well. Let’s just say there wasn’t an inkling of boredom in our corner of the world.
Surely, if you happened into Rockwood or Kingston anytime Saturday you know exactly what I mean.
The Rockwood Family Fall Festival and the Kingston Country Fair drew thousands into our communities.
I know — I was the round, gray-headed guy rambling about with the camera bouncing off my belly.
You should see a few images from the events in the paper this week. You can also view more — even a few short videos — on the Internet at roanecounty.com.
Feeling a good sort of tired Saturday evening, my wife and I changed gears and opted to relax on the veranda of a restaurant in Kingston across from Watts Bar Lake and enjoy a pleasurable meal.
We chatted about what all I’d been up to.
Then I started telling her about all the other neat stuff going on in Roane County the next several weeks.
Granted, we will miss a few of the events because the Hokies have some upcoming home games.
We also know that when not wearing a rut in the road between here and Blacksburg, we’ll be hanging out with you across autumn.
I picked up a copy of Friday’s Roane County News and looked at Page 6.
I could hardly believe what I saw. There’s practically an entire page dedicated to community and civic events.
Here are just a few of them:
• Rockwood First Christian Church will host The Great Pumpkin Patch through Halloween.
• The annual Haunting of Historic Harriman kicks off Friday and Saturday.
• Oliver Springs will host the October Sky Fall Festival on Oct. 16.
• Roane County Animal Shelter and Humane Society will have a Hoot-n-Howl fundraiser on Oct. 23 at Kingston City Park.
• Rockwood Village Apartments will have an old-time fall festival, complete with hayride and horseshoes on Oct. 23.
• Bradbury United Methodist Church will host an old-fashioned hayride on Oct. 24.
Bowers Elementary PTO will hold its fall craft fair on Nov. 6.
• Several other church and civic organizations will host fun fests planned across the next six to eight weeks.
On top of that, other organizations have a variety of events scheduled.
• Next Sunday, the Babahatchie Community Band will conclude its summer concert series with a performance at 3 p.m. at Harriman Riverfront Park.
• The Roane Choral Society began rehearsals Monday for its annual Christmas concert. This year’s event, slated for Nov. 20, is “The Many Moods of Christmas.”
• Next Monday, the Harriman, Kingston and Rockwood Rotary clubs will host the ninth annual Roane County Bands Festival here in Kingston.
In between all of these exciting — and definitely not boring — activities, be on the lookout for special events promoting and honoring Roane Imagination Library.
If your youngsters launch into weak weekend whines similar to Jon Clark’s from half a decade ago, “There’s nothing to do around here,” you now have the perfect response:
Not in Roane County, kids, not in Roane County!