Play tackles Christian hypocrisy

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By Cindy Simpson

An original Christian drama will tackle the issues of Christians who live one way Sunday and a completely different life the rest of the week.

“Mistaken Identity” is a drama written and produced by a Roane County production, DouHar, created as a result of a partnership between childhood friends,  Mary Alice Douglass and Alicia Harris.

It will be presented at Jamieson Community Development Center on Margrave Drive, Harriman, at 6 p.m. Sept. 1. A $5 donation will be taken at the door.

The play, sponsored by Anointed Praise and Worship Church, features many area young people.

“The plot is a lady from BET has come and wants to do a reality show on true Christians,” said Mary Alice Douglass.

She visits the church and decides on a number of people to interview.

“What they do in church is a little bit different than how they live their lives,” said Alicia Harris.

The characters include flamboyant LaShaunda, who is described by her portrayer, Kiersten Douglass, as someone who “wants to be seen; she's flamboyant.”

“She's all shouting on Sunday, but you'll catch me in the club the rest of the week,” she added.

Kiersten Douglass said she's taken a very strong message from the play.

“I would say don't be a sometime Christian. Don't do stuff just because they can see you,” Kiersten Douglass said.

“It destroys the witness of that individual,” Harris pointed out. “I think that is why our churches aren't as full.”

The church pastor, played by Tyler Brown, is struggling with the ways of his congregation.

“I have to say he’s an all-out Christian,” Brown said.

“He's a good pastor,” Mary Alice Douglass said. “His members just don't seem to get any better.”

The play’s title comes from the fact the individuals live different lifestyles, not really sure who they are.

“The BET lady realizes she's mistaken their identities based on who she thought they were in church,” Mary Alice Douglass said.

Harris hopes this sends a strong and hopeful message to the viewers.

“Hopefully this message will give them the right perspective of what Christians are supposed to be. The message on Sunday should be the message they deliver seven days a week,” Harris said.

Other actors include Meagan Dowdell, Andrea Eldridge, Tiffany Eskridge, Tyra Gregory, Alan Hickman, Shannon Jones, Jerome Kilgo, Randall McCain, Cree Moore and Rodney Shannon.