Police nab mom for dropping kid while intoxicated

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From staff reports
A Rockwood mother was arrested last week on public intoxiation and child endangerment charges after a 911 caller claimed to see her repeatedly drop her toddler at Roane County  Park.
Leigh Ann Barnett, 31, of 133 Teague Road, was taken into custody on Sept. 22 at the park’s splash pad.
Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Stan Hohulin reported that he found Barnett sitting on the concrete, trying to reach her 15-month-old son.
“After observing Ms. Barnett, it was apparent she was highly intoxicated,” Hohulin wrote in his report. “Her speech was slurred, and she was unable to answer my questions.”
The deputy continued, “After getting to her feet, she was unable to stand without my assistance. She did admit to drinking today.”
Barnett’s mother was caring for Barnett’s other son in another area of the park while Barnett and her toddler were at the splash pad.
The mother told Hohulin Barnett was fine when they left home.
* * *
An anonymous tip about a possible methamphetamine lab led Harriman police to 934.5 Cumberland Avenue on Sept. 20.
Harriman Police K9 Handler Brian Turner reported he received consent to search the residence from 31-year-old Brandon Bolden, who lived at the apartment.
“Upon entering the basement of 934.5 Cumberland, I did find in the bathroom under the sink a plastic bottle with tubing coming out of the top,” Bolden wrote in his report.
“Due to my training and experience, I know this to be a gas generator, and is used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine,” he added.
The report said Bolden admitted and wrote a statement he’d purchased cold medication (Sudafed) for people to cook meth in his apartment.
“He also freely admitted and gave written statement that methamphetamine had been cooked in his apartment with his knowledge and permission,” Turner said.
The Tennessee Meth Task Force was notified and responded to the scene, and the basement was quarantined.
Bolden was charged with initiation of process to manufacture methamphetamine.
* * *
A Rockwood man was taken into custody on simple assault charges after Roane County sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported domestic disturbance at 250 Cates Road, Rockwood.
Jack Ray Forrester, 46, was found in a back bedroom at the home, where Curtis Matthew Stegall said Forrester had punched him in the mouth, a report said.
Deputies reported Stegall’s lip was swollen and had blood on it.
The report said Forrester told authorities  Stegall had argued with Forrester’s daughter, Candace Forrester, and that at some point Jack Forrester popped Stegall in the mouth.
Forrester appeared to have been drinking, the report added.
The original call out had said Forrester was choking his wife, Lisa Forrester.
Deputies reported seeing no marks on her neck, and Lisa Forrester refused to give any information. She did say Forrester had tried to get at her while she was sitting and she’d pushed him away with her feet, the report added, with Lisa Forrester saying she’d only heard arguing between the two men.