Police say Walmart shoplifter changed clothes in aisle

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By Cindy Simpson

A Harriman woman decided to change clothes in the aisles at Rockwood Walmart, trashing her own clothes while police say she attempted to shopliftaround $1,100 in merchandise.

The incident happened Tuesday around 6:30 p.m.

Angelia Marie Mayo, 29, 197 Shady Drive, was charged with indecent exposure, as well as criminal trespass because she already was banned from Walmart for life. Other charges included shoplifting; public intoxication; manufacture, delivery and selling of a controlled substance; and escape: she allegedly slipped one hand out of handcuffs while being taken to the Roane County Jail.

Rockwood Police Officer Charles Haubrich responded to the incident and was told by Walmart employees “that they observed the female (later to be identified as Ms. Angelia Mayo) enter the store at approximately 4:10 p.m. this date, and begin to fill a trash bag and a purse she had with her up with make up and jewelry.”

She then stripped naked and started trying on clothes, Haubrich was told.

Authorities said she then threw the clothes she came in wearing into a trash can and just wore the new Walmart clothes.

Haubrich reported Mayo’s speech was slurred, she was unsteady on her feet, couldn’t hold her head up and her pupils were like pin holes.

“I observed Ms. Mayo was wearing stolen clothing, and that there a shopping cart by her with numerous items of merchandise that belonged to Walmart that she was attempting to steal,” Haubrich reported.

Haubrich said the security camera supported Walmart officials’ story.

Inside Mayo’s purse, Haubrich reported finding stolen makeup as well as two small cellophane bags containing pills.

He identified one bag contained Suboxen, and another contained Xanax.

“Ms. Mayo advised she has a prescription for the Xanax, and that the Suboxen belongs to her boyfriend’s mother. I asked Ms. Mayo what medication had she taken and she advised two Xanax. Ms. Mayo, then changed her story and said that she has a prescription for the Suboxen as well,” Haubrich reported.

Mayo could not tell the officer what day it was, where she was or the time.

Bond is set for $6,500. She has a trial date of March 17.