Poll workers poised for pay hike

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By Damon Lawrence

A resolution to increase the pay for election officials is on today’s Roane County Commission agenda. 

If approved, the officer of elections, machine operators and inspectors would have their pay increased from $90 per day to $125 per day.

The pay for the Democratic judge and the Republican judge would increase from $110 to $145. 

“The reason for this request is to bring Roane County’s compensation rate in line with other adjacent counties,” the resolution said. 

The pay for poll officials who attend the instructional meeting for each election would increase from $10 to $25.  

“The reason for this request is to meet the minimum wage scale for the time required to hold the meeting,” the resolution said. 

The Roane County Budget Committee discussed the issue on April 7 and voted 3-0 to recommend the resolution to the full commission.

The commission is scheduled to meet today – Monday – at 7 p.m. at the Roane County Courthouse in Kingston. 

Roane County Administrator of Elections Charles Holiway addressed the pay issues in a Feb. 25 letter to Roane County Executive Ron Woody. 

The letter said the Roane County Election Commission requested the increases.  

“The Election Commission’s decision was based on the number of hours the workers are required to work as well as the minimum wage scale,” Holiway wrote.

“These are some of the factors that were an issue in Monroe and Rhea counties when they were investigated by the Labor Board.”

The next election is the County General Election and State Primary on Aug. 7.