Post-tourney glare not professional principal behavior

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I work with WBNT radio in Oneida.

Three of us from our station did a live broadcast of the region semi-final girl’s basketball game between Oneida and Grace Christian at Harriman High School.

First off, let me say what a great job Harriman High School did as a whole taking care of our needs at the game this past Monday. When we arrived, we had tables and chairs ready for us and the hospitality room was fantastic and very well organized.

However, I do regret to inform you that we unfortunately left that evening in disbelief at the harsh and very unprofessional behavior of a man we later discovered to be the principal, Scott Calahan.

The game had been over for about six minutes. I know this because of where we were in our
postgame broadcast.

Calahan came up the bleachers as we were finishing up with interviewing Oneida’s head coach and mouthed, “Cut it off,” while giving a hand gesture of the same to our play-by-play announcer, Tim.

Tim held up his hand with five fingers and mouthed, “five minutes” and Calahan said, “No, now!”

More disturbing, he glared angrily as if to make sure we were following his instructions. As we worked to complete the broadcast he continued to attempt to intimidate with his stare.

We were not made aware of any postgame time limit prior to our broadcast and could have been prepared to work within those limits had we known.

The most upsetting element was the aggression displayed for no apparent reason. I have been involved in broadcasting for more than 20 years and have never seen such rude and unprofessional behavior from anyone, especially someone on a school staff who is supposed to be an example to our children.

We appreciate the time and effort that goes into hosting an event such as this, especially after having to teach school that day as well.

Our announcer, Tim, is a teacher himself. So, we always do our best to wrap up and conclude our broadcast as soon as we can, which is within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the game.

However, we do have sponsorship obligations to consider. To oblige Calahan, we cut short our postgame broadcast and packed up our equipment. We were headed out the door when, to our amazement, Calahan was carrying on a conversation with the Oliver Springs coaching staff at the end of the court and did not seem to be in any hurry at all to close the gym.

I have never addressed a problem, as few as they have been in all my years of broadcasting, about a host school but felt the poor attitude of this individual needed to be brought to someone’s attention.

Kevin Acres
WBNT Radio