President’s power grab bigger danger than immigration

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Although Bill Gillum fails to recognize it, I think most people can see the difference between law-abiding people who meet the requirements of their host country, follow the rules in an orderly manner and assimilate to become productive members of their new communities and tens of thousands of unidentified aliens who disrespect our laws and invade our country, bringing with them diseases, criminal backgrounds, gang affiliations and terrorist ties.

The economic impact of this invasion will be felt for decades, as taxpayers are forced to provide medical care, education, food stamps and all manner of social services for these people (unlike past waves of legal immigrants who were not allowed to become public charges).

Even worse are the social consequences, as the permanent underclass grows and more and more American citizens become victims of violent crimes. An internal Department of Homeland Security document recently obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that last year Immigrations and Customs Enforcement released 36,007 criminal immigrants who had accumulated a total of nearly 88,000 convictions, including 193 for homicide, 426 for sexual assault, 303 for kidnapping and 1,075 for aggravated assault. This was last year, before the real tidal wave began to hit us.

For a country already $16 trillion-plus in debt, this does not bode well, but it is not what Gary Johnston called an “existential threat” to our country.

He stated very plainly that it is “our current president and his administration” who threatens our continued existence as a free people, living in a representative republic governed by the rule of law.

Our constitution prescribes a government of separated and limited powers — not a monarchy where one man uses his pen and phone to do as he pleases.

Our president is supposed to faithfully execute the laws as they are written by our elected legislators. He has no authority to rewrite statutes or pick and choose which ones to enforce.

If he is allowed to get away with continued usurpations of power, the protection afforded by our system of checks and balances will be gone, and we will once again be “subjects” at the mercy of our ruler and his legions of government officials.

Gillum may be thrilled now, when it is his man who “uses executive powers to move the country forward,” but he should keep in mind that once the precedent for “rule of man” rather than “rule of law” is firmly established, “we the people” will no longer have a say in determining which direction is “forward.”

Linda Wimberley, secretary

Roane County Tea Party