President and Congress need to learn cooperation

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9-9-9; 9-0-9; flat; tax-the-rich; don’t tax anybody; tax Wall Streeters; tax-everybody-equally — everything but a thumb tax!

Are you sick of it all, too?

Is this too much ado about nothing, or is this a real problem?

And, of course, everyone has an opinion on this subject because it affects us all directly.

Politicians are united for or against taxes, depending on party affiliation. They and are inextricably locked together in verbal combat, effectively blocking any congressional activity that is likely to solve the problems of unemployment, underemployment and the burgeoning federal entitlement liability and trade deficits.

The danger now is when we eventually reach a point of world economic collapse, Congress or the White House might opt for scuttling the ship of state in order to rid themselves of the rats that are aboard and thriving.

It is time for Congress and the President to join hands, acknowledge the gravity of the situation and together solve the problems plaguing this country.

It is time to bring the gladiator class back home from the frontiers, reduce arms to a defensive posture and utilize the savings to finance the rebuilding of critical infrastructure.

Eliminate the silly security activities at our airports and use profiling techniques that have been so successful for the Israeli airline industry.

Eliminate the Homeland Security Department — show some backbone!

Use those savings to upgrade our outdated and deteriorating undersized power grid.

B.J. Gillum