Price for SROs in every school much too steep

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The tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., prompted many, if not most, schools systems across the country to re-evaluate their safety plans.
It also has prompted calls from some — including people in Roane County — to dedicate a school resource officer at every school.
Resource is a key word here. If resources were no object, it would be fine to assign an officer to every one of Roane County’s 17 elementary, middle and high schools.
We could be even safer and assign an officer to each and every classroom.
But indeed, cost is an issue, and Roane County’s government needs are too many.
Our tax base already is substantially high because individual communities aren’t interested in consolidated schools.
The result is that we support five high schools, their faculties, administration and buildings. This is inordinate and unnecessary for a community our size.
Could Sandy Hook happen in Roane County?
Sure. Sad to say, it could happen anywhere. But throwing resources we don’t have at that possibility isn’t the answer.
If someone is determined to make a statement through violence, they are likely to be able to do so these days.
If we are concerned about SROs, perhaps an adequate rotation of the existing officers is a better answer based on our budgetary limitations.