Progress made on greenway

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By Mike Gibson

With the pressure off, contractors for Kingston’s Ladd Landing Greenway look like they just might make a June 30 deadline for finishing the much-delayed project.
Of course, that’s not as vital as it once was, now that city officials know they will not have to renew a bank loan should the project run past the deadline.
Still, given that many people expected the project to be at this point sometime last year, it wouldn’t seem advisable for work crews to take a breather at this point.
A Tennessee Department of Transportation inspection scheduled for the greenway has been postponed indefinitely while the crews finish bringing the project up to snuff, according to a check list made by city officials.
That checklist includes a number of different issues, but the largest of them involved general cleanup items and finishing a pedestrian bridge that has been a source of trouble between Kingston City Council and the contractor.
Issues concerning what type of handrail would go on the bridge seemed to lead to delays.
Now, said Mayor Troy Beets, the bridge finally looks to be on the verge of completion after a meeting between contractors and city department heads seemingly straightened things out.
The few items that remain are not serious, he said.
“Some of the seeding didn’t take,” Beets said. “But there’s a warranty. They’ll come back; things like that are to be expected in a project like this.”
Beets said the next phase of the greenway will include mile markers, restrooms, seating and other amenities.
The city has already applied for a grant for that portion of it; should Kingston receive funding, that project will be bid separately.