Property Transfers: Oct. 9-16, 2012

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Property deed transfers as recorded at the Roane County Courthouse Oct. 9-16:
• From Housing and Urban Development of Washington and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jessica Mahaffey by deed, Dist. 2, city of Oliver Springs, Lot 1, $85,100.

• From Robert William Ott and Carol Ann Ott to Gayle Treadway Evans by warranty deed, Dist. 4, 28.9 acres, Hwy. 72, $193,000.

• From Shapiro & Kirsch LLP, Shapiro and Kirsch LLP, Thomas R. Sanders and Kelly Q. Sanders to Federal National Mortgage Association by trustee’s deed, Dist. 3, Morgans View, Lot 6, $0.

• From Coni Lemons-Heidle, Coni Lemons-Heidle Executrix, Freddy Melvin Lemons and Fred M. Lemons to Freddy Melvin Lemons by quit-claim deed, Dist. 2, 1 acre, adjacent Bridges and Wells, $0.

• From Katherine S. Reeve Executrix, Barbara Christley Estate and Alya Dean Irwin Estate to Katherine S. Reeve by deed, Dist. 4, Half Moon Shores, Lot 59, 60 and 61, $0.

• From Andrea Elise Bradley, James Eric Hall, Jere Levell Hall Estate, Jere H. Hall Estate and Joseph C. Hall Estate to Joe Patrick Stanton and Jeanne May Stanton by warranty deed, Dist. 1, 2 tracts Ponderosa Drive, $75,000.

• From James M. Nelson and Violet M. Nelson to Kimberly Nelson Mullins by warranty deed, Dist. 1, Browder Addition, Lot 5, $60,000.

• From Residential Fund Manager 321 LLC, Residential Fund Manager Three Hundred, Residential Fund Manager Three Twenty and Residential Fund Manager Three Two One to Gerald Posten and Lisa Emch by warranty deed, Dist. 3, Shubert, Lot 30, $11,000.

• From Bud B. Plemens and Jessie Plemens Estate to Virginia B. Craighead by quit-claim deed, Dist. 1, 2 acres, Pine Ridge Road, $0.

• From Ted M. Tedder to Ted M. Tedder and Brenda Louise Tedder by quit-claim deed, Dist. 2, 2 tracts Clax Gap Road, $0.

• From Steven M. Eberhardt to Steven M. Eberhardt and Brenda L. Eberhardt by quit-claim deed, Dist. 3, Thomasville Farms, Lot 4, $0.

• From CMH Homes Inc. to Floyd L. Long and Martha A. Long by warranty deed, Dist. 4, 1 acre, Millsaps Property, Lot 1, $111,000.

• From Jo Anne B. Walker and Gerald Walker Estate to Jo Anne B. Walker Demag by quit-claim deed, Dist. 2, Greenview, Lot 38, Phase II, $0.

• From James R. Wright and Darlene S. Wright to Brandon Ferguson and Amanda Ferguson by warranty deed, Dixie L. Harrison, Lot 2, W.C. Harrison, Lot 2, $20,000.

• From Melissa E. May to Anthony S. May by quit-claim deed, 0.61 acre, Meadow Gate Farm Unit I, Lot 1, 2 and 3, $0.

• From Greg S. Wade and Sandra M. Wade to Michael B. Ferguson and Amanda S. Raymond by warranty deed, Dist. 1, Hidden Acres, Lot 106, $400,000.

• From JP Morgan Chase Bank and JPMorgan Chase Bank to Teresa Redmon by warranty deed, Dist. 5, city of Rockwood, Lot PT15 and 16, $35,000.

• From Bruce K. Moulton to Bruce K. Moulton Trustee and Bruce K. Moulton Revocable Trust by quit-claim deed, Dist. 2, Country Club Estates, Lot 27, $0.

• From HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Katherine C. Farr and Agnes A. Farr by warranty deed, Dist. 1, Carmack Edward S. Property, Carmack Janet S. Property and Hyde Diane Property, $53,000.

• From L. Jane Tharp, Lorena Jane Tharp and Robert E. Tharp Estate to Ronnie J. Underwood and Olivia J. Underwood by warranty deed, Dist. 2, Country Club Estates, Lot 6, $126,000.

• From Wiley Alexander Brackett and Delores Ann Brackett to Rachel Nicole Brown and Keith Brown by quit-claim deed, Dist. 3, 1 acre, Lawnville Road, $0.

• From Harriet A. Whiteman to Harriet A. Whiteman Trustee and Harriet A. Whiteman Revocable Trust by quit-claim deed, Crystal Cove, Lot 121, $0.

• From Darlene W. Jackson, Brian Jackson, Deborah W. Daniels Edwards, Jack Walls Estate, Evelyn Walls Estate and Evelyn A. Walls Estate to Jimmy F. Smith and Brenda Smith by warranty deed, Dist. 2, 3.387 acres, Tennessee Hwy. 61, $33,870.

• From Frank J. Kobik and Leslie Kobik to Joseph J. Spellman and Brenda P. Spellman by warranty deed, Dist. 3, Villages of Center Farm, Hartford Park Village, Lot 43, $565,000.

• From Thomas H. Dickenson and Tracy L. Wright to Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union by trustee’s deed, Dist. 1, Scenic Heights, Lot 24 and 25, $25,000.

• From Belinda Nicole Hammond, Jamie
R. Hammond, Jamey R. Hammond and
Floyd Hammond Jr. to Leonard D. Corbin and Amanda D. Corbin by warranty deed, Dist. 2, 2 lots, $100,000.

• From Joel E. Jordan and Dorothy Joe Banjamin to Wells Fargo Bank by trustee’s deed, Griffith Road adjacent Sisson, $142,150.95.