Property values raised after man appeals to board

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In view of the apparent public interest in property appraisals, I thought it prudent to report my experience in this fiasco.

Like so many others in the county, I had serious doubts about the exorbitant increase in my appraisal.

As a result, I chose to appeal to the Equalization Board. Twenty-nine days later I received, from the Appraiser’s Office, a second notice of reappraisal, increasing my appraised value by $4,800.

I am left wondering whether this is the result of vindictive retribution for having appealed, or simply another mystical manipulation of the numbers by that office. So, public beware. You may wind up worse off than you were.

We have always been willing to pay our fair share of taxes; it is only the fair part that is questionable. One has to wonder when they are taxed higher for living adjacent to a lake that becomes a dry mud flat during the winter, or lives on a road that was never finished by the county. Our only direct benefits from the county are a place to dump our trash and good law enforcement — no utilities, no fire protection, no sewage. Yet we are expected to foot the bill for someone’s pipe dream of making Roane County the Industrial Zion of the South. The money would have been better spent to increase the tax base by making our county more attractive for retirement.

Thomas Quinby