Putting on the dog

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Visit helps kids bond with cops

By Kaitlin Keane

Roane County Sheriff K-9 Deputy John Mayes and his four-legged partner, Max, paid a visit to some Bowers Elementary third-grade students.


“I think we have a serious drug problem, and I want our children to be safe,” Lillian Stevens, third grade teacher, said.

Stevens said having police officers come out and make themselves known takes a lot of the fear of them from the students.

“They need to understand that police officers are our friends,” Stevens said.  
The students had been looking forward to the visit and asked a lot of good questions according to Stevens.

Brian Luttrell with Kingston Police Department and Mayes focused on how to avoid drugs and deal with peer pressure.

“If we can keep one child from heading in that direction then it is worthwhile,”  Stevens said.