Rand Paul’s word thefts sparks ire

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Rand Paul, aka Son of Ron or abbreviated SOR to conserve ink, has reached a new low in his public discourse by using plagiarized material in his speeches without acknowledging the authors.

He is setting a bad example for all students and especially for those Roane County students who are now engaged in writing their entries for the Roane County student writing contest, which completes in early 2014.

Plagiarism is forbidden in this contest, and entries found to contain plagiarism will be rejected.

This could cause a loss of a cash prize, public recognition, being published in the annual anthology or even a $2,500 college scholarship.

The example of a public figure — and especially of a U.S. senator who has casually used plagiarized material — is detrimental to the younger generation, some of whom are often tempted to take shortcuts in homework or lengthy work assignments.

The least our governmental officials and legislators can do is to use only their own words or acknowledge any borrowed text.

Lordy, what is next — exaggerations?

 B.J. Gillum