Register kids for Homeschool Friday museum programs

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Registration is underway for upcoming Homeschool Friday Programs for grades K-6 beginning in January at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge.

Programs for homeschool students in grades K-2 are one-hour classes from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.; grades K-6 take two-hour classes from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Program fees for grades K-2 are $7 for the public and $5 for museum members; 3-6 grades pay $12, with museum members paying $9.

Fees include the classroom program and museum admission for one student and one adult with the program.

Visit www.amse.org or go to the museum at 300 S. Tulane Ave., Oak Ridge, for more details.

Programs include:

 Jan. 10 — What Weather includes a study of cloud types, temperature, air pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity and the meaning of highs, lows and fronts. The relationship between health and weather is explored. In the Grade 3-6 class the program includes a hurricane tracking activity.

• Jan. 24 — Spaced Out activities discover how the Earth, sun and moon cause day and night, years, tides and eclipses.

 Feb. 7 — Forces and Motion activities will make Newton’s three laws come alive. Students will be taught about speed, velocity, acceleration, action/reaction, linear and angular momentum, types of energy and the law of conservation of energy.

 Feb. 21 — Light and Sound participants will explore reflections, shadows and how light travels. They will observe a demonstration of a laser, investigate vibrations and explore how sound waves travel, and see a sound-level meter demonstration.

• March 7 — Geology Rocks! is about the layers of the Earth, their composition, depth, temperatures, and their relation to minerals. Activities include testing nine kinds of minerals and observing 15 kinds of rocks.

• March 28 — Fun With Fossils offers learning about fossils and historical geology, identifying fossils in limestone, hand specimens, and making a fossil mold. Grades 3-6 will also do wet sifting of fossil-laden clay from an area site.

• April 11 —Our Microscopic World is an introduction to the importance of microorganisms. A projection microscope and a stereoscope are used, along with student microscopes to provide a close-up view of various microscopic organisms.

 April 25 — My Body and Me gives students an opportunity to learn about the different body systems and how to take care of them. Hands-on activities include X-ray photos, listening to body sounds using a stethoscope and an anatomy puzzle.

• May 9 — Insects: Friend or Foe is an introduction to the common order of insects, their physical characteristics and adaptability. Field activities involve collection insects for identification and observation. All these activities are scheduled for Freels Bend Cabin.