Religious leaders shouldn’t get to pick and choose

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The separation of church and state should work both ways.

The government should not be able to influence church doctrine.

Religious institutions should not get to pick the laws they will accept.

To say that forcing employers to provide health insurance, including birth control, somehow violates church rights is ridiculous.

As far as I’m concerned the Obama administration blinked on this one.

If they keep letting people opt out of the system it will never work. I don’t care if it’s a church, a fast food joint or a university.

In my opinion, hard-working people shouldn’t have to go bankrupt because they get sick.

Many able-bodied people in our country don’t work for one reason or another. They can usually get free health care!

Some of us work but can’t afford health insurance at the current rates.

I wonder how many people have simply stopped working because they are better off without it.

Why would anyone in their right mind work for minimum wage and give up free housing, free food or free health care?

No one is trying to force anyone to take birth control.

I don’t mean to criticize any particular group, but some religions, according to their doctrine, believe that all contraception is a sin.

What about condoms?

If some religious leaders had their way, there would be several million more people with AIDS worldwide.
How much would that cost our already over-burdened health care system?

There would be several million more poor children. Unfortunately, most people born into poverty stay there.

Would that help our already struggling welfare system?

What gives any employer the right to refuse to pay for contraception or force women to have children they may not want or can’t afford?

Anyone calling this a religious issue is confused.

Insurance companies already offer free or low-cost sterilization for women who have health insurance.

Most of them will not pay for a vasectomy, which is a lot cheaper.

If you don’t believe me, check your own policy.

What I’m trying to show the people who run these organizations is they have the right to be sterilized, in their own policies, but they want to deny any form of birth control to their employees.

I don’t care to tell any one that I’m a little scared, about being forced to buy health insurance, because I’m not sure how much it’s going to cost.

Universal health care may already be dead in our country.

The only way it will work is if we all participate.

Every time the president lets another group out of the deal, we get that much closer to losing the whole thing.

Even if they lose in November, the Republicans might just kill the whole thing, one piece at a time.

I hope my fellow Democrats will remember that great Republican George H. W. Bush who promised that Medicare would “wither on the vine.”

The way things are going the president’s plan may not take root long enough to get a vine.

Fritz Stevens