Removing Randy Ellis over comments on Facebook wrong

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I was shocked to read in the paper that Randy Ellis had been removed from the budget committee.

I was even more shocked to hear Ron Woody removed him from the committee because he dared to inform the public of a public meeting.

God forbid the people be informed and heard at a public meeting.

Even Mr. Woody admitted that Mr. Ellis served well on the committee except for daring to disagree with Mr. Woody’s tax hike and informing people in his community about the upcoming vote and public hearings.

Mr. Woody, this is America, and Mr. Ellis is allowed to voice his concerns along with anyone in the community.

Taxation without representation was the grounds for our breaking away from England.

I’m sorry to hear that you feel it should be brought back.

You have punished Mr. Ellis for daring to represent the people of his community and informing them of the potential vote on raising their taxes.

This sounds very much like taxation without representation enforced through the bullying of those voted to represent us!

Will you replace any member that dares to rally against your ideas?

I would also like to praise Ron Berry for not allowing himself to be used as a pawn in this travesty!

This is not how our government is suppose to work. Our founders tried to bring forth a nation where all voices could be heard.

I am quite certain they never intended for a bully to stamp out all voices that disagreed with him.

I know this may sound harsh to many people, but I just can’t stand to see our leaders disregarding the very values that our men and women fight and die for everyday.

Mr. Woody, please stop and think before acting out so childishly in the future.

Mary Helen Nichols