Republicans need to find out who they are

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The Kool-Aid kids are back again.

The youthful chairman of the Republican National Committee revealed the latest effort to bring minorities into the party.

It consists of a $10 million fund to pay a cadre of grassroots operatives to convince minorities the Republican Party is the party for them.

With a population of approximately 120 million minorities in the U.S., that allows for less than a dime per vote, oops, I mean per minority.

That’s not even enough to buy them Kool-Aid. This sounds more like a way to pay off the cronies of the RNC leadership.

Washington Journal, a morning call-in TV show, received a call that suggested teacher unions are teaching left-leaning liberal theory to their students.

The caller suggested Republican operatives should infiltrate the teacher unions and teach conservatism to our student population. (Talk about desperation.)

Sound a bit like brainwashing?

Another Republican caller suggested the party should get out of the business of dictating sexuality (paraphrasing).

Yet another thought Sen. John McCain and his ilk are relics of the past and a drag on the future of the party.

All this shows the irrationality and disarray existing in rank-and-file thinking.

If the Republican party hopes to make a comeback, then it must first discover its real identity then present it to the public.

In the meantime, it would not hurt the compassionate conservative party to work with Democrats to promote jobs and job security programs, stop the negative diatribe, and show a concern for public security and welfare above party politics.

Negativity is a downer and should be dropped from the Republican lexicon. Kool-Aid anyone?

B.J. Gillum