Republicans say they just don’t want to be broke

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If I come to Harriman for a visit and need to get a prescription filled at the drug store, what is the one main thing I’ll need? Photo ID.

Wait, wait! If I’m elderly, minority, disabled or other couch-potato 99 percent, is this not discrimination?

If I want to buy Sudafed, get on a plane, do banking, see a doctor or even, gentle reader, get a library card what do I need? So what’s the biggie-boo about having photo ID to vote?

A young white man at a polling place in D.C. said his name was Holder (same as the U.S. attorney general) and said he didnt have ID. They were going to let him vote. He chose not to. Recorded-on-a phone. See that on TV?

Gentle reader, the president is making news about how bad Republicans treat women in this country.
“Just keep ‘em home, barefoot and pregnant.”

HOWEVER, the annual 2011 report on White House staff shows females earned 18 percent less than males ($60,000 compared to $71,000).

Hypocrisy, anyone?

Speaking of which, the release of President Obama’s 2011 tax statement show he was taxed at a lower rate than his secretary. Hello?

Kind person, the president claims Republicans want an energy strategy that traps us in the past because they are not enthusiastic about government subsidies for alternative fuels.

Spain, the president’s favorite solar example, spent 571,138 euros for each solar green job created over a nine-year period.

Last January Spain abandoned its subsidies altogether.

Germany, Britain and Italy are cutting subsidies by 29 percent.

Miranda Schreurs of University of Berlin says everyone knows we can’t continue spending like this — it’ll break the bank.

Over $525 million for Solyndra comes to mind. Republicans don’t want to live in the past, they just don’t want to live broke. Do you?

Ray Huckeby
Mead, Neb. (formerly of
Roane County)