Residents dolling up for Branson vacation

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By Cindy Simpson

Two Harriman Care and Rehabilitation residents will get to glam it up in Branson, Mo., next week.
Peggy Poland and Barbara Redick will join other Signature Healthcare facility residents for a fun vacation.
“I’d like to gamble some,” said feisty Peggy Poland.
Redick, meanwhile, is known for her love of music and looks forward to the entertainment. She is a regular at karaoke and is often joined by friends who visit her from the community. They sing songs they recall singing along with as teens driving around town.
Rose Meza, a registered nurse in admissions and marketing, will be part of the staff going with the pair of seniors.
“I am so excited,” she enthused.
She said Poland is pumped for the trip, especially when she’s feeling at her best in the afternoons.
“She wants to do everything,” Meza said.
While the trip will be full of festivities, Poland will likely get the chance to do that during some of the free time they’ll have.
Each year residents from each facility are selected for a trip.
“Last year was Myrtle Beach,” said Connie Sheldon, quality of life director.
The staff is excited for the women. Sheldon noted that many of their residents spent so much time working and raising a family that they had little time for fun trips.
“A lot of times when you’re this age, you have not had a lot of time to go,” Sheldon said.
The residents will stay at Big Cedar Lodge. In addition to scenic tours, they’ll be entertained by live performances and have free time to roam around.