REU crews were quick, courteous during outage

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Thanks to Rockwood Electric Utility work crews!  

The power went out in the early hours on Friday morning and the temperature in the house dropped to the low 60s. 

My call to REU brought an immediate phone response from one of the workers, who reported a line was down, but they were already working on it.

Although the outside temperature was below freezing and the wind was vicious, these guys were on the job — as always.  

Within the hour, the power was restored and another phone call from them reassured us that everything was fixed.

We have lived in many different places, but Rockwood Electric Utility has provided the best service we have ever had had.  

Not only are they quick to respond, but often make that extra call to ask if everything is all right.  

Thanks again to all these hard working men.

Jo and Bob Walters